Tax Return Analysis, Submission and Assessment Tracking

Tax season does not have to bring about uncertainty and doubt, thanks to our qualified SimpleTax team, who are committed to providing a detailed tax solution through tax return analysis, tax submission, tax assessment and tax tracking. In addition to applying these expert services, we also offer unlimited advice and insight either in person or over the phone. As your go to advisors in all things tax related, your questions will never go unanswered.

Our tax practitioners will provide a technical and detailed tax return analysis, ensuring that your annual income tax return as an individual or a small/medium enterprise are properly filled out, and include all the correct documentation and information. We first need to be granted Power of Attorney, and ask that all forms be correctly completed for this to be successful. The required documentation we assess during your tax return analysis includes (if relevant) your IRP5 certificate, your retirement annuity tax certificate, all details of additional income (if you receive interest on investments, business or rental income), fixed property transactions and a logbook with the specifics of business trips if travel allowance is being claimed against.

Your tax submission or income tax return (ITR12), either as an individual or business, will also be handled by our professional team, who will extend a tax calculation and a comprehensive transcript of your return, before tax submission to SARS. Equally as important is the tax assessment, which we perform before the Income Tax Department examines your return of income in order to determine that it is correct, as well as diligent tax tracking. We will be able to provide you with an income tax assessment that shows your tax position, while also indicating whether you have to pay tax, do not have to pay tax or are due for a tax refund. All correspondence between yourself and SARS will be handled by SimpleTax on your behalf – we step in as your registered office, even following up and lodging assessment objections.

For individuals with more intricate affairs, as well as for those who are directors of a limited company, it is necessary for a full tax return to be completed and filed. Once we’ve performed an in-depth tax return analysis, tax assessment and your tax submission is complete, our consulting service also cover tax tracking, to track your tax refund and give you the feedback you need. Under normal circumstances, your tax refund will be paid to you within 2 days from when your tax filed paper returns where filed, or within 21 business days from when your tax return was submitted electronically and selected for verification.

Whether you’re an individual meeting the criteria for tax submission or an SMME looking out for the financial health of your company, it is imperative that your income tax returns be kept up to date with SARS. At SimpleTax, our all-inclusive tax services are handled efficiently and thoroughly, and we handle everything from your tax assessment and tax submission to tax return analysis and the tax submission process.