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SimpleTax was founded in order to provide a comprehensive tax solution to individuals and SMMEs.

Our vision is to service the wider community of South Africa by providing the highest level of service in the area of tax consulting, and to do so with consistent delivery. As such we have developed an unrivalled and truly innovative tax solution.

Unlimited telephonic and face to face consultations

Simpletax pride ourselves on being one of the only tax consulting firms that offer unlimited telephonic and face to face consultations to help you make important decisions such as what direction to take your business in, whether to register for VAT, whether to cash in that pension or RA policy, whether to take a travel allowance on your new salary structure or what a medical aid policy will benefit you in tax. Savings.

Decisions like this come up at the most inopportune time and all Simpletax clients know they can contact their “tax guy” safe in the knowledge that they will not get a bill for asking a question at the end of the month.

Tax Return Analysis, Submission and Assessment tracking

Completing a tax return can be a stressful experience. Even if there are only a few entries to make, there are various filing deadlines to meet depending on personal circumstances and as those deadlines approach, the task can seem daunting.

Individuals who earn in excess of R350,000.00 per annum (gross) or those with complex tax affairs are required to submit a tax return.

This also includes individuals who receive:-

  • Income from self-employment or from a partnership business
  • Rental or other income from land or property
  • Income from overseas

Other income which is received gross, i.e. without the tax deducted such as interest or income from the sale of capital assets

If your affairs are more complicated, or if you are a director of a limited company, you are required to complete and file a full tax return.

By providing an upfront fixed and competitive price with the option of a monthly payment arrangement, we take the worry and hassle away when it comes to self assessment tax returns. As an added benefit, Simpletax do not charge additional fees if you are selected for audit as do most other practitioners. As mentioned above, the tax service is all inclusive.

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Notifications of upcoming Provisional, PAYE, VAT and Income Tax responsibilities

It is already a burden trying to remember important dates like submitting your annual return to CIPC, submitting your employment equity disclosures, the new PAIA reports, COIDA returns etc…. all mandatory returns that have to be submitted in order to keep your business running each year.

SARS, if you are registered for Income tax, PAYE and VAT have added another 23 compulsory returns to submit each year, all with their own specific requirements and all subject to increasingly heavier penalties for failure to submit. And with SARS changing the format of the EMP501 returns and IRP5 certificates, the changes to the VAT201 and EMP201 returns over the last 12 months and the fact that SARS no longer automatically issue these returns, the possibility of missing a return is increasingly likely.

SARS have placed the responsibility of requesting, completing and submitting all returns on the taxpayer. With new business owners with no prior tax experience, getting to grips with these responsibilities is already a full time job and hiring a full time employee to manage these responsibilities is prohibitively expensive.

Tax planning

There are many allowances and deductible expenses available that can help minimise tax liabilities arising on earnings, profits of trade or gains when you receive trading income. Understanding the law and advice on reliefs that you are entitled to, as well as the ever changing income tax and VAT acts, can be complex.

Although SARS have helplines and client service centres available to provide assistance, staff members are not able to provide complex advice on how to organise your affairs in order to minimise the amount of tax to pay. If you would like to make tax savings and do not want to attempt to interpret detailed tax legislation, you should seek professional advice.  We offer all clients a tax planning review to ensure that they only pay as much tax as they are legally obliged to and no more!

Whatever tax planning requirements you may have, please speak to us and we will find the most appropriate structure to suit your circumstances. Especially as there may be more specific tax planning tips and tax advice available for your business sector.

Capital Gains Tax Advice

We offer a comprehensive range of property tax advice. You will pay no capital gains tax when you sell your family home as long as it has been used for the entire period of ownership, as your private residence and your profit over the period owned does not exceed R1.25 Million. But what do you do if you either have, or are considering the purchase of, a second home?

We can provide you with advice regarding all tax aspects of buying, selling and letting property.

If you are about to invest in, dispose of, or let property then please speak to us.

PAYE submissions and payroll structuring

PAYE and payroll responsibilities are not as simple as reading the tax due on a tax table and submitting EMP201 and EMP501 returns anymore. SARS no longer print the EMP10 manuals and with the ever changing medical aid benefits and allowances, PAYE is no longer simple income less expenditure calculation.

Although SARS have developed an award winning software application in E@syFile, those that have used the program without detailed tax knowledge know the frustration of trying to balance recons and determine error messages for simple issues like apostrophes in names or missing banking details and income tax numbers for employees.

Furthermore, SARS have placed the burden of responsibility on employers to now ensure the id numbers, tax numbers, addresses and contact info for their permanent and temporary employees and the penalties for said incorrect or missing information can amount to 10% of your annual PAYE liability!

Simpletax is a certified payroll administrator and offers detailed advice on income structuring, advice on taxable deductions, fringe benefits, as well as HR and employment equity advice. We also offer payroll administration services to completely take the weigh off your shoulders and let you get on with running your business.

VAT advice and return submissions

SARS have placed the burden of responsibility on vendors to request, check and submit your VAT201 returns on time and expect each taxpayer to comply with ever changing and very complex VAT legislation. With SARS increasing their focus on audit responsibilities due to the widening tax base  it is important to stay on top of the changes to VAT legislation and be vigilant with compliance.

At Simpletax, our MD Matthew Haddon has years of VAT consulting experience obtained through 4 years as a consultant for SARS advising accountants and business owners on the complexities of VAT legislation and thereafter, 4 years experience in VAT administration through private sector as well. What could be better than a consultant on call with experience on both sides of the fence to help you with any VAT and tax complications that may arise in the day to day running of your company.


Simpletax is not a registered accountant and our services are primarily focused on tax compliance and administration. That being said, bookkeeping services go hand in hand with tax compliance so as an incidental service Simpletax do offer bookkeeping services.

Our focus is on making sure your business runs as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. While many business owners feel that with the right software they can administer their own bookkeeping  function, they are not up to date with tax administration requirements. We support all our clients in helping with templates, assistance with software applications and the like to help keep running costs down as far as is necessary.

We are also realistic about your time, after all time is money.  Would your time be better spent running your company and sourcing new business or capturing invoices and expenses.? Simpletax’s bookkeeping service has been structured to remain a fixed cost so it can be budgeted for so you can concentrate on running your company, safe in the knowledge that your bookkeeping is being taken care of by a professional and secure in the knowledge that the cost is fixed come what may.


Let Simpletax take care of your trust tax administration for you.  Many people set up trusts to protect their assets without knowing that each trust is required to submit income tax and provisional tax returns every year.. Trusts are already and expensive entity to register, let alone the annual administrations costs and while most trusts are fairly simple to administer, most accounting and tax firms charge exorbitant rates because the entity is seen in the same light as companies. Let Simpletax offer you a cost effective, hassle free option and keep your trust compliant with the SARS.

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